Eurofighter Debuts in Slovakia

Two Eurofighter Typhoon landed in the Central European country of Slovakia for the first time last Friday 28 May, to participate in the Piestany Air Show. The 2 airplanes were one piloted by the Alenia Aeronautica test pilot Matteo Maurizio.

The event took place over the weekend in the renowned Slovakian spa town, also home to the country’s historical aeronautical museum.

The twice daily Eurofighter display was admired by more than 50,000 people who attended the show. Alongside the Italian Typhoon aircraft which carried out a six minute, full aerobatic display showing off the full capabilities of the European plane was an Austrian Air Force Eurofighter which shared the air display responsibilities. The Austrian Eurofighter made several high speed passes over the short runway of Piestany airport before climbing vertically to high altitude and returning to its home base in Zeltweg.

In Slovakia, the Eurofighter is acknowledged as being the ideal solution for the replacement of the Slovak Air Force’s MiG-29 fleet which in the medium term have to be replaced with a more modern defence system. The Mig-29 is still a capable defence system, superior in tems of performance as a twin engined aircraft when compared with other twin and single engined platforms currently in service with some of the neighbouring countries.

The European solution offered by the Eurofighter could also help to sustain and develop the capabilities of the Slovakian defence industry and its skilled workforce, allowing the nation’s air force to keep up to date with the latest technological standards.



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