25-year-old Conklin & de Decker’s new brainchild: Aircraft Cost Evaluator Volume I

Last April, Conklin & de Decker released the newest Aircraft Cost Evaluator (ACE) for 2010 at Orleans, Massachusetts, delivering the most up-to-date operating and ownership cost data available to the aviation industry. ACE is the most extensive operating cost database and is part of the family of aircraft operating and acquisition data products developed by Conklin & de Decker addressing more than 490 jets, turboprops, helicopters and piston aircraft.

ACE is the ideal benchmarking tool and assists aircraft owners, operators, brokers and dealers with important side-by-side operating cost and performance comparisons. During these economic times, it helps users make critical decisions on aircraft acquisitions whether they are downsizing to a smaller more economical asset or taking advantage of the market with a larger aircraft purchase or trade. ACE is currently used by AMSTAT, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Robb Report, and Business Jet Traveler since it is referred to as the industry standard.

The ACE release has added more aircraft like the new Cessna Citation CJ4, Embraer Legacy 650, and the Gulfstream G250. It also has the preliminary data for the new Dornier Seastar, and the PT6A converted King Air C90 and B200 turboprop aircraft by Blackhawk. It also covers the Sikorsky S76D, and the Diamond DA 42NG with the new Austro Diesel engines.

The latest edition of Aircraft Cost Evaluator is priced at $650 for Jets, $550 for Turboprops or Helicopters and $450 for the Piston database.

Conklin & de Decker is a leader in aviation research, consulting and education with offices in Orleans, Massachusetts, Arlington, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona. It has been in business for 25 years , the company founded in 1984. It focuses on fixed- and rotary- wing aircraft operating cost, performance and specification databases, maintenance management software, financial management, fleet planning, market research, aviation tax issues, and financial, tax and management seminars. Conklin & de Decker consults with numerous individuals, corporations and government agencies worldwide.




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