American Airlines upgraded their 737-800s

American Airlines B737-800

American Airlines recently upgraded 76 Boeing 737-800 planes to match a fleet of 84 B737-800 planes which it began adding in 2009. The company said that the upgrades for their B737-800 include new seats, larger overhead storage bins, updated in-flight entertainment systems, AC power ports and WiFi service. 12 additional economy class seats were also part of the upgrade.

American Airline’s vice president of onboard service Lauri Curtis said the new and upgraded aircraft will “keep our product competitive while offering cost, environmental and operational benefits.”

The B737-800s replaced MD-80 jets since they are 35% more fuel efficient on a seat-mile basis. The plane is also claimed to emit fewer CO2 emissions; to produce less noise; and to reduce maintenance work. Last year, American Airlines received 31 of the 737-800 aircraft. This year, it will take delivery of 45 new 737-800s. Then in 2011, eight more 737-800 planes will be delivered.


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