7 Boeing aircraft to be leased by ALAFCO

Kuwait’s Aviation Lease and Finance (ALAFCO) agreed to charter seven Boeing aircraft to Ethiopian Airlines, China’s Okay Airways and Russia’s Transaero Airlines.

Last Tuesday, ALAFCO said in a statement on the Kuwaiti bourse website that three new Boeing 737-800 aircraft will be leased to Ethiopian Airlines and also three new Boeing 737-800 to Okay Airways for 96 months. The market price of each aircraft is $77 million. A used Boeing 777-200 will also be leased for 96 months to Transaero Airlines, at a market price of $60 million.

Boeing 737-800 of Bangladesh's Biman

ALAFCO also said monthly rental charges are 1 percent of the listed prices. Islamic lender Kuwait Finance House and state-owned Kuwait Airways are the biggest shareholders of ALAFCO.

A Boeing 737-800 can carry 162 passengers in a two class lay-out or 189 passengers in a one-class layout.  It was launched in 1994 and entered service in 1998.

The Boeing 777-200 can carry a maximum of 440 people. It was first delivered in 1995 to United Airlines.

United Airlines' Boeing 777-200 aircraft




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