Israeli helicopters make emergency landing in Romania

Two Israeli helicopters made emergency landings yesterday near Bucharest due to an electronic malfunction, eight days after an IAF Sikorsky CH-53 Yasour helicopter crashed in Romania.

Romanian Police said they received an call from residents of nearby villages and sent rescue forces to the area. No casualties were reported.

The Romanian Defense Ministry said in a statement that the helicopters requested an emergency landing at approximately 8 a.m. near the village of Vulpesti.  Romanian authorities were in contact with the crews to provide support, resolve the problem, and enable a continuation of the flight.

The two helicopters were the last of seven that were in Romania last week for training with the Romanian Air Force. However, the training was cut short after a Yasour crashed in the Carpathian Mountains killing six IAF airmen and a Romanian officer.

An IAF C-130 Hercules transport plane left Israel for Romania a shortly after the incident with spare parts that could be needed to repair the aircraft. IDF sources said the helicopters would likely take off again for Israel on today.

–          The Jerusalem Post


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