Six MiG-29s; for sale at Moldova


Moldova’s six Soviet-made MiG-29 fighters have been up for sale but can’t find any customers.

Moldovan Defense Minister Vitalie Marinuta said they have been unable to find buyers for their MiG-29 fighters possessed by the National Army. An announcement advertising the sale of the fighters has been posted on the websites of the Marculesti International Airport, where these planes are parked now, the National Agency of Public Procurements, and the Defense Ministry.

Asked how much the planes would cost, Marinuta replied that the price had not yet been set, “but, as soon as at least two buyers appear, both the price and the date of the auction will be announced.”

“I hope to sell each plane at least for $1 million, because they are worth it. We could spend the proceeds of the sale on buying helicopters and other hardware that the army needs,” he said.

There is no point in keeping the planes in service with the National Army, as their repairs and maintenance would cost about $30 million, he said.

It was reported earlier that 32 MiG planes were left in Moldova after the Soviet Union’s breakup. One of these planes was handed to Romania toward settling Moldova’s debts to that country; four were sold to Yemen and 21 to the U.S.

If it turns out that the planes are impossible to sell, they will be cannibalized and disposed of, Marinuta said.

– KyivPost


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