Iran Air crash kills 70 onboard

An Iran Air Boeing 727-200 crashed at 7:45 p.m. Sunday (Jan. 9) evening – local time – while attempting an emergency landing and at least 70 people are believed to have been killed.

Local media reports vary, but there appears to have been around 105 passengers and crew onboard the flight. More than 30 survived with injuries, reports say.

The 727 was en route from Tehran to the city of Orumiyeh in northwest Iran during severe winter weather conditions. The pilot reportedly told controllers there was a technical problem of some kind. The aircraft crashed outside Orumiyeh, breaking up on impact. There was heavy snow at the crash site.

The aircraft, registered ERP-IP, was delivered in 1974.

This incident will likely focus attention again on the aging Iran Air fleet. Modernization has been difficult due to sanctions against Iran. Iran Air is also one of the carriers on the European Union’s blacklist.

A stretched version of the 727-100, the 727-200 is 20 feet (6.1 m) longer (153 feet, 2 inches, 46.7 m) than the -100 (133 feet, 2 inches, 40.6 m). A ten-foot (3-meter) fuselage section (“plug”) was added in front of the wings and another ten-foot fuselage section was added behind them. The wing span and height remain the same on both the -100 and -200 (108 feet (33 m) and 34 feet (10 m), respectively). The original 727-200 was the same weight as the 727-100; however, as the aircraft evolved, a series of higher weights and more powerful engines were introduced along with other improvements, and, from line number 881, 727-200s are dubbed -200 Advanced.



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  1. A message to all of the politicians in the world especially to Mr.Obama : again an air crash in Iran, Again 80 people were killed. Dear Mr. obama ! you can be happy now, your sanctions are coming to fruition . as long as i didnt know the plane was 37 years old , i thought maybe it was the pilot’s fault, maybe it was cos of the bad weather , but now i know the plane was too old . who is responsible for this? please think more about Iranian’s lives. dont you think the sanctions endanger our lives?

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