Indonesia still waiting for answers on used F-16s



Air Force Chief of Staff Marshal TNI Imam Sufaat

Indonesia’s Air Force Chief of Staff Marshal TNI Iman Sufaat told reporters that they are still waiting on US’ decision for 24 ex-American F-16s.

“We hope to soon have an answer about it,” he said during the meeting of leaders of the Indonesian National Army (TNI) Air Force (AU) at the Air Force Academy (AAU) in Yogyakarta, on Monday.

He said they have submitted a request to the United States (U.S.) about the grants of the F-16 fighter aircraft in 2009, but they never heard any reponse.

“There is no answer from the U.S. probably because many countries have also submitted a grant request F-16 fighter aircraft. They also wanted to get grants to the plane,” he said.

He said the Air Force will also buy a  OV-10 Bronco aircraft, helicopters and an F-22 aircraft since there are additional funds accelerated procurement of major equipment of weapons systems (defense equipment) amounting to Rp 4 trillion.

” This is in accordance with a strategic plan development program of the Air Force for the year 2010-2014,” he added.


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