Airbus: No A380 Delivery Delays to Emirates

Yesterday, Feb. 2, an Airbus Middle East executive said that Airbus is on track to deliver six to seven A380 planes this year to Emirates, its biggest customer for the superjumbos.

Dubai government-owned Emirates which is among the fastest-growing carriers in the world, plans to increase its fleet to eventually include 120 Airbus A380s.

Fouad Attar, deputy president and head of commercial at Airbus Middle East, said the aircraft maker would deliver “six to seven” A380 jets to Emirates this year.

Asked whether there were any delays in the deliveries to Emirates, he said: “No, they’re all on time. There’s no delay.”

Attar also said Airbus expected 50 to 100 orders from the Middle East and North Africa region and the company would focus on Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and elsewhere in North Africa.

“There’s lot of potential in North Africa,” Attar told reporters on the sidelines of an aviation event, adding the political turmoil in Egypt could affect the number of orders.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said on Tuesday, Feb. 1, he would surrender power in September, angering protesters who want an immediate end to his 30-year-rule.

The Airbus A380 is a double-deck, wide-body, four-engine airliner which uses four 150 kVA variable-frequency electrical generators, eliminating constant speed drives and improving reliability. The A380 uses aluminum power cables instead of copper for weight reduction. The electrical power system is fully computerized and many contactors and breakers have been replaced by solid-state devices for better performance and increased reliability.

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