China denies hacking South Korea’s data

Chinese analysts Monday dismissed statements by a South Korean official that Chinese hackers had attacked a computer network run by South Korea’s defense ministry and stole secret documents.

“South Korea’s news is groundless. China has been blamed for a number of Internet hacker attacks by the US, Japan, Australia and some other countries in the past,” Wang Mingzhi, a military strategist at the People’s Liberation Army Air Force Command College, told the Global Times.

South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper quoted a spokesman for Democratic Party lawmaker Shin Hak-yong at the National Assembly’s Defense Committee as saying they re-ceived a report from a government official saying China had attacked the defense ministry’s computer system and accessed to confidential information about the ministry’s plan to buy Global Hawk spy planes from the US.

The US Defense Department agreed to sell the Global Hawk to South Korea in 2009, but budget problems delayed the purchase, according to AFP.

The Global Hawk plays an important role in the cooperation of intelligence gathering, which is why the US deployed the drones to conduct surveil-lance around the Western Pacific, Wang said. However, he said, there is a very small possibility that Global Hawks could get access to Chinese airspace to conduct reconnaissance.

The Chinese government insists that China attaches importance to computer network security, and China is one of the biggest victims of hacking, as its Internet has long faced severe threats from hackers and online virus attacks.

A Chinese hacker, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Global Times Monday, “You can never judge the origin of attackers from the computer’s IP address. A professional hacker can launch cyber attacks from everywhere and disguise himself to be any country’s citizens.”


South Korea’s plans to buy Global Hawk accessed by Chinese hackers.

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