F-15Es perform first ‘green’ flyover

An F-15E from the 335th Fighter Squadron performed the first flyover using “green” biofuel at Citizen’s Bank Park for the Phillies Opening Day on April 1.

One of the four F-15 jets from the 335th Fighter Squadron based in North Carolina flew on a blend of 50 percent traditional jet fuel and 50 percent synthetic biomass fuel made from camelina oil grown in Montana.

Unlike ethanol, which is made from corn, camelina is a weed in the mustard family and not usually considered edible. It is also considered more fuel-efficient than ethanol.

The milestone air show came two days after President Barack Obama sought to revive his battered energy policy.

In a speech at Georgetown University, Obama said the nation’s energy future depends on making fuel out of renewable resources to reduce reliance on foreign oil and polluting fossil fuels.

“Just last week, our Air Force used an advanced bio-fuel blend to fly an F-22 Raptor faster than the speed the sound,” Obama said of the first operational test of the new fuel. “In fact the Air Force is aiming to get half of its domestic jet fuel from alternative sources by 2016. And I’m directing the Navy and the Department of Energy and Agriculture to work with the private sector to create advanced bio-fuels that can power not just fighter jets, but also trucks and commercial airliners.”

The F-22 and F-15 flights prove high-performance jets can fly on synthetic fuel. The challenge, now, is to produce the fuel at a reasonable price.




Source: huffingtonpost.com


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