B-1 munitions capability layouts

A B-1 bomber was showcased with its massive weapons capability during a first-ever B-1 munitions capability layout photo shoot at Dyess Air Force Base, Texas on April 5th.

“It was a great opportunity to display the capability of a B-1 from a munitions standpoint,” said Col. David Been, 7th Bomb Wing commander. “No other aircraft in the Air Force inventory even comes close to a B-1 in that aspect.

“The munitions layout truly showcased the proven and emerging capability of a B-1 to combatant commanders for the need to keep the B-1 fleet active and involved in every contingency around the world,” he said.

“Rather than use 10 fighters that can drop only a limited number of bombs, one B-1 can loiter over a target for hours and drop 75,000-pounds of bombs — wherever they need to be dropped,” said Col. Gerald V. Goodfellow, 7th Operations Group commander.

Air Force records show B-1s dropped nearly 40 percent of all bombs in the war on terrorism and were also able to accomplish that while only flying five percent of the missions over Afghanistan.

“With a B-1 Lancer overhead, it gives our ground troops an enormous sense of reassurance,” said Army Gen. David Petreaus, commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan. “When a bone is above, you have a sense that a true national asset is over your shoulder.”

Source and Photo : U.S. Air Force


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