UAE F-16 veers off runway in Italy

A United Arab Emirates F-16 fighter jet taking part in NATO-led military operations over Libya crashed on landing at Naval Air Station Sigonella, Italy on Wednesday, officials confirmed. The pilot was forced to eject.

“An F-16 crashed on landing at Sigonella air base,” a NATO official told AFP, adding that he could not reveal the nationality of the plane involved.

UAE’s armed forces said that the F-16 jet was one of theirs in a statement released to the official UAE news agency WAM in Abu Dhabi. The report said that the plane “veered off the runway after landing.”

“The pilot had to eject from the plane to save his life, and minor damages were caused to the plane’s frame,” the military was quoted as saying.

The F-16 fighter plane was not on a combat operation and was being transferred from a base in Sardinia to the Sigonella base in Sicily, NATO said.

Italy’s ANSA news agency reported that the base had been temporarily shut down and flights were routed through another base in Trapani.

Source: Google News


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