Black Hawk wreckage returned to U.S. hands

The Pentagon says the wreckage of the U.S. helicopter destroyed in the military Black Hawk that crashed while raiding Osama’s compound was returned by Pakistan over the weekend.

The Black Hawk helicopter was damaged during the May 2 raid at bin Laden’s hiding place in Pakistan, and U.S. commandos blew it up so it wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands.

United States demanded that Pakistan return the remains of the helicopter and Pakistan agreed to do so during a diplomatic visit from Sen. John Kerry May 16. Defense Department spokesman Col. Dave Lapan says it is now back in the United States.

One of the Black Hawks flown by an elite Army unit called Task Force 160 – which carried the Navy SEAL commandos – lost lift and was forced into a hard landing at Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbotabad.

The pilot nudged the Black Hawk forward into a controlled crash – saving the mission from disaster, but sheering off the helicopter’s tail section.

Editor in Chief for Defense Technology for Aviation Week, told “The Early Show” that some unusual features were spotted in the wreckage, including special materials covering the tail rotor hub to reduce the helicopter’s radar signature, and extra rotor blades to make it quieter.

Source: CBSNews


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