Boeing and American Airlines to conduct 737-800 ‘ecoDemonstrator’ test flights

Boeing and American Airlines announced a partnership at the Paris Air Show, June 22, Wednesday, to bring an “evolutionary ecoDemonstrator program” to reality next year.

A 737-800 will be used to flight test and “accelerate the market readiness of emerging technologies,” the companies said.

The AA 737-800 and a twin-aisle plane to be identified later this year will serve as the flight test component for US FAA’s Continuous Lower Energy Emissions Noise (CLEEN) program first announced at ATW’s 2010 Eco-Aviation conference.

Boeing and an AA engineering team are finalizing plans for installing the initial technology applications aboard the 737-800.

Installed on the aircraft, which will conduct the test flights in 2012, will be adaptable trailing edge technology that reduces noise and emissions during all phases of flight including takeoff, cruise and landing.

Another onboard technology will be the variable area fan nozzle, which reduces community noise and enables advanced engine efficiency technologies.

Boeing will include regenerative fuel cells for onboard power.

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