USAF Weapons School to get F-35s

The U.S. Air Force has issued a Record of Decision for the proposed basing of F-35A Lightning II aircraft at Nellis Air Force Base.

USAF will bring 36 F-35 fighters to Nellis Air Force Base starting from next year till 2020. The decision is to proceed with the preferred alternative, which entails basing 36 F-35 fighter aircraft at Nellis AFB between 2012 and 2020 for the Force Development Evaluation and Weapons School programs.

The F-35 has been designed to have a low radar cross section primarily due to stealthy materials used in construction, including fiber-mat.Unlike the previous generation of fighters, the F-35 was designed with a shape for low-observable characteristics.

Implementation of this action will be accomplished as set out in the Final Environmental Impact Statement released in May 2011.

The beddown of the F-35 mission at Nellis will result in an increase of 412 personnel; require construction of new facilities, as well as alteration and demolition of existing facilities at Nellis AFB. Flight activities will occur at Nellis AFB and the Nevada Test and Training Range.

Potential impacts associated with implementing the Preferred Alternative were analyzed during the Environmental Impact Statement process.

The Final Environmental Impact Statement contains public and agency comments received on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement as well as responses to comments.



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