777-200 for Singapore Airlines’ new LCC

Singapore Airlines selected the Boeing 777-200 as the aircraft type to comprise the fleet of its new long-haul, low-cost subsidiary airline scheduled to launch next year.

The aircraft will “initially” be acquired from SIA, which did not say how many 777-200s will make up the unnamed LCC’s operating fleet. SIA had 35 777-200ER‘s in its fleet as of March 31, according to Ascend.

The aircraft will be reconfigured in a new seating layout for the LCC that will almost certainly feature a 10 across 3-4-3 configuration in economy.

Campbell Wilson, newly named CEO of the LCC, said, “The selection of the initial fleet marks another milestone in the establishment of the new airline. The process is progressing well for our launch next year.” SIA said in a statement that “the aircraft type was selected following a detailed evaluation … The 777-200‘s proven versatility and reliability are key deciding factors in the selection.”

It called the 777 “a mainstay” of its fleet since its 1997 introduction. In addition to the 35 777-200ERs, SIA’s fleet as of March 31 also featured 31 777-300/300ERs.

The new LCC will be wholly owned by SIA, but will be operated independently and managed separately, operating no-frills, medium- and long-haul flights.”Details of its branding, products and services, and route network will be unveiled in the coming months,” SIA stated.




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