Atlastjet Sends APU To Turkish Technic

Turkish Technic input another Hamilton Sundstrand APS3200 auxiliary power unit (APU) from Atlasjet, a Turkey- based carrier, in mid-July and should finish repairing it by the middle of this month.

The service agreement also included spare support.

The parties would not disclose the contract’s value for this APU maintenance.

Turkish Technic targets maintaining 100 APUs in 2011, which if averaged equates to a throughput of about 8.3 units per month, although APUs are used more in the summer to air condition cabins on the ground during warm weather so more wear occurs during this time.

Atlasjet sent two APS3200 APUs to Turkish Technic in May to June 2010 and also previously contracted the MRO to perform an Airbus A321 C check, two A320 redelivery checks and one landing gear overhaul.

The carrier, the first private airline to become a member of the International Air Transport Association, flies 14 Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

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