Engineer sucked into C-130 plane engine

New Zealand — A long time engineer was sucked to death by a C-130 Hercules plane engine while doing a routine maintenance check early Monday morning.

51-year-old Miles Hunter was working on a C-130 Hercules jet turbo prop engine at Woodbourne airbase, Blenheim, New Zealand.

The C-130 engine was not attached to an airplane, but was on a stand when the accident took place.

Hunter had been working for Safe Air Ltd which is owned by Air New Zealand.

Chief executive of Air New Zealand Rob Fyfe says that officials are at a “complete loss” as how the incident occurred.

“It was a very routine procedure with very experienced people involved,” Fyfe said.

Aviation experts described the accident as a ‘one in a million’ occurrence. The fatality is said to be the first for the airline. In a similar accident, a US Navy serviceman survived after being sucked into a jet engine on an aircraft carrier in 1991.



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