Orion Simulator Connects Virtually with Seahawk Trainer

A P-3 Orion simulator connected virtually to an SH-60B Seahawk trainer for the first time during a “peer to peer connectivity” trial July 1 at Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH), Kaneohe Bay.

Using its own simulation mode, the P-3‘s Tactical Operational Readiness Trainer, also known (TORT) successfully linked with an SH-60B Tactical Operational Flight Trainern (TOFT) in a synthetic environment. Referred to as “peer-to-peer connectivity,” this virtual linkage eliminates the need for a third party to facilitate the connection or act as a conduit.

“This landmark event comes at a time when technological innovations are advancing aviation training and readiness,” said Capt. John Feeney, Naval Aviation Training Systems (PMA-205), program manager.

During test and evaluation, P-3 aircrews communicated via the TORT with SH-60B aviators operating their TOFT. Through the TORT, the P-3 crew observed the SH-60B pilots maneuver the helicopter, as well as deploy buoys and launch multiple missiles in the synthetic environment. The P-3 operators were also able to check acoustic and radar signals during the training session, Feeney added.

“Both the P-3 and the SH-60B aircraft are designed for maritime patrol and reconnaissance missions, specifically anti-submarine warfare (ASW),” said Lt. Richard Holt, Commander Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing 2, Weapon Tactics Unit, training facilities officer in charge. “Since the two platforms continuously work together when deployed, it was only logical to integrate them now for coordinated ASW synthetic training.”

Within the next six months, the TORT and TOFT will participate in a simulated training event with a single Navy ship. Once both systems have successfully completed training with one ship, they will participate in a full-scale Fleet Synthetic Training (FST) event involving multiple ships, submarines and aircraft FST events provide real world mission rehearsal in a synthetic environment.

Source: ASD News

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