Eurofighter for Japan

Tokyo, Japan. BAE Systems, with the full support of the UK Government, the Eurofighter partner companies and nations together with the Sumitomo Corporation, has submitted a response to Japan’s requirement for a new fighter aircraft to the Japanese Ministry of Defence in Tokyo.

“This cost effective proposal offers Eurofighter Typhoon, the world’s most advanced multi-role combat aircraft, as Japan’s best option to meet the requirement for its F-X programme and the most capable deterrent to regional threats,” Nigel Whitehead, BAE Systems Group Managing Director – Programmes and Support said.

“The Eurofighter aircraft already has operationally proven multi-role capabilities and through our ability to offer licensed production, maintenance and technology transfer, Japan can have sovereign control of manufacture, support and upgrade of Typhoon aircraft in Japan by Japanese industry. We are also able to offer software source codes and other data, giving Japan the ability to develop the aircraft itself to meet its own unique needs, now and in the future”.

The UK Ambassador to Japan David Warren also commented: “I am delighted that BAE Systems has been able to submit such a compelling solution to Japan’s F-X requirement.

Typhoon will deliver world-class capability for many years to come. It also offers our two nations an opportunity to significantly strengthen our defence and security relationship and an opportunity for ground breaking industrial cooperation which will contribute substantially to Japan’s defence and aerospace industries future. The Proposal has HM Government’s fullest support”


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