Australia clears Chinooks for flight

The Australian Army’s five Chinook helicopters have been given the all-clear to fly again after concerns over their airworthiness had them grounded for more than a week. A suspension of the Chinook was put in place on September 30 but Army chief David Morrison said on Sunday the fleet had been put back in operation.

“Through thorough investigation and consultation with Boeing and the US Army – the largest operator of the CH-47D Chinook – we established there are no issues with the aircraft AFCS (Advanced Flight Control System),” Lieutenant-General Morrison said in a statement.

The army had been concerned the AFCS didn’t work under certain flight conditions. Of the five Chinooks that Australia owns, two are in Afghanistan, one is in Papua New Guinea, one at Horn Island north of Queensland, and the last operates out of Townsville.

Australia had access to US helicopters in Afghanistan so there was no impact on operations.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

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