Hong Kong Added To Qantas Airbus A380 Destinations

The arrival of two more Airbus A380s last month is enabling Qantas to introduce the aircraft on its Sydney-Hong Kong route, as well as boosting A380 service in other markets.

The aircraft are the 11th and 12th A380s for Qantas. The carrier is not receiving any A380s this year, and the next two are not due until early 2013, an airline spokesman says.

Hong Kong is the fourth destination in the Qantas network served by the A380. The aircraft will fly this route four times a week. Qantas already operates Airbus A330-300s and Boeing 747-400s on the route.

Qantas is boosting A380 service on the Melbourne-Singapore-London route from six times a week to daily. The carrier also operates a second daily flight on this route using 747-400s. The Melbourne-Los Angeles route also will receive daily A380 service, up from four times a week.

The airline already operates daily A380 flights on the Sydney-Singapore-London and Sydney-Los Angeles routes.





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