Pilot Safe at US Military Plane Crash in S. Korea

During a training mission, an F-16 jet fighter of the US Air Force crashed in Gunsan, South Korea. Fortunately, the pilot ejected to safety before the aircraft crashed into a rice paddy around noon on Wednesday.

According to a US military statement: “The (lone) pilot safely ejected before the plane crashed. Emergency response teams are on scene at this time.” The statement also said that there are no serious injuries or damage to the ground.

Earlier reports from a local fire station officer misstated that the pilot was injured and that the aircraft involved was an A-10 Tank Buster.

South Korean and US troops are currently conducting “Foal Eagle,” an annual joint military exercise. However, it is not clear whether the F-16 is part of the exercise.

North Korea ferociously oppose the joint military exercises of the two countries, tagging it as a rehearsal for invasion. But South Korea and the US stated that the exercises are just for defensive purposes.

Currently, there are 28,500 US troops in South Korean. US military presence has been in the country since the 1950-53 war.


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Source: AFP


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