NORAD Intercepts Two Aircraft During G8 Summit

This year’s G8 Summit, where the leaders of the most powerful nations are gathered to talk about the economy, is held at Camp David in Maryland. For security purposes, the skies above and near Camp David are restricted airspace. Because of it, the North American Aerospace Defence Command ordered it military jets to intercept two Cessna 172 aircraft. The two aircraft which entered the 30 mile restricted were both out of radio communication. The restricted area were expanded due to the G8 summit.

The NORAD provides airspace warning and defense for U.S. and Canada.

Max Millien, secret service spokesperson, said that the violation of the two aircraft are not considered threatening.

An F-15 fighter jet intercepted the first plane and it landed at York Airport in Thomasville, Pennsylvania. After 15 minutes, another F-15 and a Black Hawk helicopter intercepted the second plane and it landed on a grass runway in Pennsylvania.

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News source: http://www.the


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