Space Shuttle Enterprise for Exhibit in NYC’s Intrepid Museum on July 19

A four day ‘Space fest’ beginning on July 19 for the opening at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in New York City for the exhibit of the Space Shuttle Enterprise. The event will offer 40 interactive displays, activities and other Space-related exhibitions. Visitors will be able to view the original prototype orbiter from all angle including from above and below.

Inside the pavilion, museum-goers will discover the Space Shuttle Enterprise displayed 10 feet or 3 meters above the deck floor – allowing visitors to walk directly underneath the shuttle. And if guests prefer a different view, they can ascent to a viewing platform positioned near Enterprise’s nose to get an up-close overhead look at the iconic spacecraft. Dramatic lighting and a series of back lit images and video stations will highlight Enterprise inside its display as”A vehicle that continues to enable a greater understanding of science and technology.”

The Space Shuttle Enterprise flew in an atmospheric approach and landing tests in the late 1970s to prove the pathway home for its sister space-worthy shuttles, that will also make its debut inside the Intrepid’s new “Space Shuttle Pavilion” also on the same date of event, July 19, 2012, Thursday.

“The exhibition brings to life the remarkable story of the Enterprise as the original prototype space shuttle orbiter in relation to NASA’s historic role in experimental aircraft throughout the twentieth-century,” according to a Press Release by the Intrepid. “The experience will inspire visitors of all ages, offering an unforgettable look at the past, present and future of space missions.”

The four day “Space fest” is sponsored by Samsung will kick off on July 18, the night before the Space Shuttle Pavilion opens to the public with a free concert on the Intrepid’s flight deck. The music will feature cutting edge, eclectic and curatorial concerts and DJ sets and will be based on the EDM and indie rock global scenes. The next day, the exhibit will began with a ribbon cutting around 11a.m. with a group of shuttle astronauts including several native New Yorkers including Ellen Baker, Mario Runco, Charles Camarda and Mike Massimino.

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